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City Inventory Managed Janitorial Supply System

For decades, supply companies have been bringing janitorial supplies to market the same way. The reactive approach of stocking a warehouse and waiting for orders is a thing of the past. It’s time for that to change and we are leading the way. City’s strategic advantage is comprised of high caliber service professionals. Along with ... Read more

Flame Resistant Clothing and Fire Prevention

Fire safety is one hot topic in the workplace this year. While death and injury are among the greatest risks, any fire can be extremely dangerous resulting in injury, death and workplace damage. The FR experts at City Uniforms and Linen can cover all your flame resistant clothing needs with our full line of apparel ... Read more

Keeping the Bathroom Fresh

Spring is in the air but just because it smells like tulips and roses outside, but it doesn’t mean your bathroom does. Keeping your bathroom fresh and smelling great keeps employees happy and customers coming back. City Uniforms and Linens has a few products that can cut the cost of keeping the bathroom fresh. With ... Read more

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