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The Magic of Soap

The Magic of Soap

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, germs are gross. They make us sick. Every day your body battles to keep these little monsters out of your body, so why not help yourself out on the battle field?

Simple solution is to wash your hands! Our body has natural barriers, however, the minute someone decides to skip washing their hands they increase the odds of germs making their way into the body system.

Don’t get me started on the type of germs brewing and multiplying in the bathroom…

If you knew it all, you would flush and run for your life. Seeing as that is impractical, it makes more sense to wash your hands with soap.

Soap is both hydrophilic and hydrophobic. This aspect is what makes soap keep your hands clean. The hydrophobic parts are attracted to the oils on your skin, and then the hydrophilic attributes draw the oils into the water and off your hands. Congratulations you now have squeaky clean, germ free hands!

Certain types of soaps work better on specific dirt and grime which is why we carry a variety to meet the different industries needs. Someone who works in a mechanics shop needs to combat different sludge then someone working in a hospital. To learn more about our facility service lines, click here.

In addition to keeping your hands clean, City is committed to keeping your clothes germ-free too. Having your employees clean their uniforms at home with generic laundry detergent doesn’t do the trick of cleaning and disinfecting, however, our Hygienically Clean Process does. With our program, we wash the uniforms for you and even replace them when they’ve had too many wears. To learn more about our uniform rental program click here! We also have hand sanitizers and stands along with disinfecting wipes to assure cleanliness in your workplace!

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