Healthcare Uniform Services

Medical Lab Coats & Scrub Rental Programs

When you think of healthcare uniforms, do you see someone in scrubs, lab coats, or both? Either way, we have a variety of lab coat styles and colors to suit your style and practice. Lab Coats not only demonstrate the position of a healthcare provider, but they also play a role in compliance and operation procedures for your facility. Scrubs are the same way. If your staff is in family practice or dental office, their uniforms will vary from those in a surgical center or emergency room.

Hygienically Clean Uniforms for Healthcare Providers

Our full-service lab coat and scrub rental program ensure that every item is picked up, laundered, and delivered back hygienically clean, free from any contaminants. Our certification processes include standard operating procedures that keep soiled garments separate in our facility. Clean garments are also handled separately throughout our facility and through delivery to you.

Lab coats and other pharmaceutical or medical uniform programs are some of the specialty products we offer. Provide your organization with complete uniform programs from head to toe. Choose from a range of sizes, styles, and customization options ideal for health care facilities, hospitals, laboratories, doctor’s offices, rehab centers, nursing homes, and more.

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Huge selection of sizes, styles and fabrics

Custom embroidery or logo'd uniforms

Compliance and convenience

Cost effective uniform solutions

Eliminate the need to buy lab coats upfront

Consistent delivery service

Clean & Sanitize with Microfiber Towels & Mops

Our Hygienically Clean Certification applies to more than just lab coats & scrubs. It also applies to all of our laundering processes and products, which means microfiber mops and towels. Microfiber has so many advantages compared to other cleaning materials that it puts itself in a class of its own. This includes tons of benefits, but most important to you are:

  • Elimination of cross contamination
  • Removal of more bacteria
  • Reduction in chemical costs
  • Decrease environmental impact
  • Attracts and traps 99% of dust
  • No lint residue
  • And more!
Heavy Duty Green Microfiber Towels from City Uniforms and Linen
Microfiber Mat

So, why turn to microfiber from City? Well, see the list above for one. But also, because it is the best, most effective cleaning product for your staff and food processing facilities.

For more information about the cost-saving benefits of microfiber products and all we have to offer for healthcare facilities, from lab coats and scrubs to patient gowns and more, contact us today or download our catalog.

See the difference a local company can make for your custom uniform or linen program.

Why Choose City Uniforms and Linen?

Our Business is Making You Look Good!

When it comes to representing your brand, you can’t be boxed into rigid, cookie-cutter uniform rental or linen management programs that cost too much and cramp your style.  Instead, we work with you to create a flexible program around your specific goals and budget. Our reputation is built around the value we bring while enhancing your corporate image with the products and services your company needs. Choose local. Choose service. In comparison to national chains, independent providers like us rank higher in the timeliness of service, quality of service personnel, having fair billing policies, and service quality.