Facility Service & Janitorial Supplies Managed by Us to Keep you fully Stocked & Improve your Restroom Perception

Facility Services & Janitorial Supplies

More now than ever, keeping things clean and sanitized is a priority for every business and workplace.  Running your business is your number one priority; monitoring and managing the restocking of your restroom and janitorial supplies is ours. From hand soaps and sanitizers to paper products, we can ensure your business is fully equipped.

Perception is reality, and your facility and workplace represent what you do and reflect how well you do it. Industry surveys show that a dirty or unstocked restroom creates an immediate negative impression of your business - even to employees. City Uniforms and Linen provides the restroom products your business needs for direct sale or full-service programs, taking the hassle out of inventory management and upfront costs for you.

Lack of restroom supplies is also one of the most common customer complaints. Not sure how the impact of a clean and stocked restroom has on your business? Industry surveys report the following:

  • 69% said that after using a dirty restroom once, they avoid going there in the future
  • 92% said a dirty or unstocked restroom would give them a negative impression of the property as a whole
  • 83% of employees said their bathrooms at home were cleaner than those at work
City paper dispensers v2

Paper Products: Our paper towel and toilet paper replenishment options ensure that your restroom is always stocked. The Jumbo Tissue reduces waste, and our hands-free dispensers limit germs.

Trash can liners and gloves

Trash Liners & Gloves: We offer gloves that are manufactured with the latest technology to keep hands protected from germs and chemicals and a variety of strong, low to high-density trash liners for maximum trash capacity.

Different types of gloves are available for Industrial Use, Food Service and Healthcare.

Soaps sanitizers & air fresheners

Soap, Sanitizer & Air Freshener: Our hand soaps range from soy to antimicrobial and leave you with clean and fresh smelling hands. When soap and water are out of reach, opt for our effective non-alcoholic hand sanitizer. Air fresheners come in a variety of scents, can keep your restroom smelling clean, and leave a positive impression on customers.

Cleaning Chemicals & Disinfectants_

Cleaning Chemicals & Disinfectants: City has all the chemicals you need to keep your facility clean and sanitized, from glass cleaner to an all-purpose solution.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can get started on your personalized facility services program and experience first-hand how our entire company is devoted to the success of your image program. Again, we thank you for the opportunity to be your supplier and trusted partner. We are DELIVERING IMAGE®.

See the difference a local company can make for your custom uniform or linen program.

Why Choose City Uniforms and Linen?

Our Business is Making You Look Good!

When it comes to representing your brand, you can’t be boxed into rigid, cookie-cutter uniform rental or linen management programs that cost too much and cramp your style.  Instead, we work with you to create a flexible program around your specific goals and budget. Our reputation is built around the value we bring while enhancing your corporate image with the products and services your company needs. Choose local. Choose service. In comparison to national chains, independent providers like us rank higher in the timeliness of service, quality of service personnel, having fair billing policies, and service quality.