Shop Towels, Kitchen, & Bar Towels, Start a Rental Program to Keep your Facility Clean.

Towel Rental Programs

Be prepared for any spill or daily cleaning with a towel rental program from City Uniforms & Linen. Towel programs are beneficial for your bottom line and helpful to the environment by reducing or eliminating the use of disposable towels. In addition, we continue our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint with our laundering process: energy conservation programs, onsite physical/chemical wastewater treatment center, water reclamation, and eco-friendly detergents. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives here.

Shop Towel Programs

Oil, grease, dirt, and grime from vehicles, machinery, and other manufacturing facilities all use shop towels, or at least they should. We ensure you have clean towels, ready to go anytime by monitoring your usage and adjusting deliveries as needed.

Choose from white or orange shop towels. Looking for something else? Let us know.

orange shop towel rentals - city uniform
Shop towel rental programs from City uniforms and linen

Kitchen & Bar Towel Programs

Restaurants, bars, breweries, hotels, catering companies, and more all use towels to keep work areas and customer areas clean and sanitized. This includes:

  • Bar Towels
  • Grill Wipes
  • Dish Towels
Hand cleaning with green microfiber cleaning towel

Bath Towel Programs for Hospitality

Maintaining a laundry facility is a lot of work. We know we wash tens of thousands of pounds every week. Let us provide a solution for your towels and linens – delivering fresh, clean, and sanitized towels on your schedule.

Whether for your shop, your restaurant, or your business, see how a towel rental program with City Uniforms & Linen can ensure that your business constantly has clean and sanitized supplies.

All our towels are available for direct sale or a full-service towel rental program that includes cleaning and inventory management with no upfront investment from your company.  Contact us to learn more.

See the difference a local company can make for your custom uniform or linen program.

Why Choose City Uniforms and Linen?

Our Business is Making You Look Good!

When it comes to representing your brand, you can’t be boxed into rigid, cookie-cutter uniform rental or linen management programs that cost too much and cramp your style.  Instead, we work with you to create a flexible program around your specific goals and budget. Our reputation is built around the value we bring while enhancing your corporate image with the products and services your company needs. Choose local. Choose service. In comparison to national chains, independent providers like us rank higher in the timeliness of service, quality of service personnel, having fair billing policies, and service quality.