Mat Rental Program to Prevent Slips & Falls while Keeping Your Employees Comfortable & Facilities Polished

Floor Mat Rental Programs at City Uniforms & Linen

Make your workplace a comfortable, clean, and safe environment with our collection of floor mats. We offer a full-service floor mat rental program which includes a weekly exchange of dirty mats with clean, sanitized ones. City Uniforms and Linen takes care of the cleaning and replacements with no required inventory investment from you. If you’d like to own your mats, we do offer available inventory for direct sale. Be sure to ask about custom logo’d entrance mats, too! Every floor mat program starts with a careful analysis of your business to determine the ideal mat combination and the right frequency of service. So whether you’re looking for a custom entrance mat with your logo to stop dirt at the door, scraper mats, or an anti-fatigue mat for your team members who stand for most of their shift, we’ve got your floor covered.

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  • Professional service businesses, office buildings, and tech companies, even retail stores, and automotive dealerships enjoy custom, logoed entrance mats to make a great impression for their customers. 
  • Manufacturers and industrial-related businesses count on safety mats, scraper mats, and even anti-fatigue mats to keep workplaces safe, avoid slip and fall accidents, and increase productivity.

Benefits of a Mat Rental Program



39% of the custodial time involves floor care; a 15-foot mat can trap 85% of dirt!



$1 spent keeping soil outside saves $10 in removing soil inside


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A slip-related injury costs an average of $12,000; defending a slip-and-fall lawsuit costs an average of $50,000.



Standing on a concrete floor for 8 hours can make an employee 33% less productive; anti-fatigue matting increases productivity by 20% to 50%

Types of Entrance and Safety Floor Mats

Anti fatique mat rental program from City Uniforms And Linen

Comfort Flow Mats

Certified “Slip Resistant” by the National Floor Safety Institute, the Comfort Flow Mat may be the most durable and versatile mat on the market. This fully launderable mat performs just as well as an anti-fatigue mat and a flow-through mat in wet or dry environments. Nitrile rubber gives ComfortFlow mats superior grease and oil resistance, plus an anti-microbial treatment to guard against degradation from micro-organisms.

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Classic Logo Mats

Enhance your brand with fully customizable mats! Forget basic black; you have 25 base colors to choose from, 300 accent colors, plus Pantone color matching. In addition, our logo mats are certified “High Traction” from the National Floor Safety Institute and have 100% nitrile rubber backing for increased slip and skid resistance.

floor mat rental programs from City Uniforms and Linen

Classic Walk Off Mats

Trap dirt and moisture before it gets tracked through your workplace.  Our traditional mats feature our PermaDye™ plus StainStopper™ for superior colorfastness and ease of cleaning. ClassicMats are available in a wide variety of attractive colors to complement most color schemes. In addition, ClassicCarpets offer a revolutionary coloring system that combines rich, dark background colors and bright, vibrant accents to create a multi-colored carpet that appears much like commercial carpeting rather than industrial matting.


Scraper Safety Mat Rentals from City Uniforms and Linen

SuperScrape, Scraper Mats

Scraper mats have circular cleats that are multi-directional and effective at scraping away tough grime on any shoes at any angle. SuperScrape mats are made with durable, anti-static nitrile rubber that will not crack or curl.

Shopping forcommercial floor mat rental service can seem daunting—we understand. You have other things to deal with. We’re committed to making the entire process straightforward and simple. Reach out to us today to request more information.

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When it comes to representing your brand, you can’t be boxed into rigid, cookie-cutter uniform rental or linen management programs that cost too much and cramp your style.  Instead, we work with you to create a flexible program around your specific goals and budget. Our reputation is built around the value we bring while enhancing your corporate image with the products and services your company needs. Choose local. Choose service. In comparison to national chains, independent providers like us rank higher in the timeliness of service, quality of service personnel, having fair billing policies, and service quality.