Supporting Our Community, Environment, & Employees  through our Actions

Social Responsibility Is in Our DNA

Being a good community partner includes the support of our employees, their facilities, community organizations, those we serve as well as being environmentally conscious.

We have several aspects of our business that support environmentally friendly practices to reduce our impact on the earth. Our family leadership and employees support many area organizations. And, we encourage those we buy from to do the same. Here's a little bit more about our social responsibility efforts.

Environmental Stewardship

We know that doing what we can to protect our environment and reduce our carbon footprint can make a significant impact. Environmental sustainability and stewardship factors into every business decision we make. Our goal is to create a healthier, happier environment for ourselves, our community, and our 7.9 billion neighbors that call planet Earth home.

Here are a few of the successful sustainability initiatives City has implemented:

  • A commitment to use digital documents instead of paper wherever we can.
  • Onsite recycling for paper, plastic, aluminum cans, and ink cartridges.
  • Our hanger recycling program recycles nearly 14,000 hangers a week, reducing waste and supply costs.
  • Installation of high-efficiency machinery such as Big Ass Fans, which operate on the same amount of energy required for a 60-watt bulb, and Ecologioic3 Octron T8 lamps, both decreasing our energy use substantially.
  • Participation in the ENOROC energy procurement and conservation program, which helps us implement significant energy savings and emissions reduction.
  • Our Physical/Chemical Wastewater Treatment Center produces additional water reuse as well as treats all water to above EPA standard before returning to the local water supply.
  • The workhorse of our processing facility is a high-tech, environmentally friendly continuous batch washing machine. This equipment is designed to produce up to 4,500 pounds of clean textiles per hour.
    • It is the ultimate in water reuse. The operation uses a contra-flow system that is efficient in its consumption of water (1.6 gallons per pound of laundry), chemistry, and energy.
    • The entire system is managed by technology that not only controls the use of all utilities but confirms delivery of all chemistry to ensure complete process control.
    • From soiled textiles to laundered and dry textiles, the system is totally automated and provides both reliability and accountability of quality in the process.
Coats for Christmas photo

Community Involvement

We are a third-generation, family-owned business because of the strength of our community. City invests and participates in community events and programs, especially those where our employees and customers live. It’s our way to care for the community that continually has our back.

We routinely hold and support charitable events within our facilities and provide our employees a charitable match program to support their own work within the community. Here are a few organizations that hold a special place in our hearts:

Coats for Christmas

Coats for Christmas of Hancock County originated from the vision of City Dry Cleaning owner, Paul Kramer. In 1987, Kramer developed and launched a service project to provide a warm coat to those in need regardless of financial circumstances.

The Braden Kramer Foundation

The Braden Kramer Foundation was established to honor Braden’s fight against Cancer by raising funds that will positively impact those in our community affected by Cancer. Braden is the son of our current president and 3rd generation of City Uniforms And Linen. The foundation board includes close family, friends, and community members who are committed to helping in the fight against childhood cancer.

United Way of Hancock County

The mission of United Way of Hancock County is to “measurably improve people’s lives.”

A Customer Merchandise Donation Fund also supports our customer’s charitable efforts.

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