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Facility Services


Facility Services (Download The Catalog)

Your facility is a representation of what you do and a reflection of how well you do it. Industry surveys show that a dirty or unstocked restroom creates an immediate negative impression of your business. City Uniforms and Linen provides the restroom products your business needs for direct sale or full service programs, which takes the hassle out of inventory management and upfront costs

Lack of restroom supplies is one of the most common customer complaints. That’s why City Uniforms and Linen is dedicated to providing you with the products and services to keep your employees and patrons comfortable and coming back. Not sure how the impact of a clean and stocked restroom has on your business? Industry surveys report the following:

• 69% said that after using a dirty restroom once, they avoid going there in the future

• 92% said a dirty or unstocked restroom would give them a negative impression of the property as a whole

• 83% of employees said their bathrooms at home were cleaner than those at work