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Uniform Programs


City Uniforms and Linen is not a uniform manufacturer which enables us to provide a wider selection of garments to meet your needs.  At City, we use the industry’s best garment suppliers to create a comprehensive uniform rental program from the boardroom to the factory floor and anything in between. We specialize in being experts in the cleaning, maintenance, inventory management and customer service of your uniform program throughout Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.

Industry Specialist

  • Industrial: Shirts, Pants, Denim Jeans, Women’s Styles, Shop Coats, Jackets, Coveralls and Jumpsuits
  • Healthcare: Lab Coats, Patient Gowns , Scrub Tops/Pants and Counter Coats
  • Culinary/Food Processing: Chef Coats/Pants/Shirts, Butcher Coats, Aprons and Butcher Wraps
  • Executive: Oxford Shirts, Polo’s, Blazers, Slacks, Women’s Styles
  • Flame Resistant: Shirts, Pants, Jackets,Hoods, Vests and Coveralls (70E compliant FR garments)
  • Hi-Visibility: Shirts, Pants, Jackets, Vests, and Coveralls (Class 2, Class 3- Level 2 Compliant

Uniform Programs

Rental programs that are hassle free.

City Uniforms and Linen will tailor a custom rental program around your business needs. Unlike other uniform companies, our programs are flexible and we have the ability to use multiple  products lines to meet your requirements.

With City’s full-service  rental program there’s no cleaning to do, no inventory management, no products to buy and maintain…we handle it all which leaves you time and money to do what you do best…operate your business!

A  rental program with City Uniforms and Linen:

  • City comes to you for a no-obligation consultation and evaluation of your business needs.
  • We will design an individual program in line with your budget and goals.
  • No upfront capital is required because you don’t have to purchase the products.
  • Based on your service schedule, our professional Customer Service Representatives (CSR) will pick up your soiled products and deliver professionally cleaned ones as well as stock and maintain items such as paper products, soap and air fresheners.
  • We launder, inspect, repair and replace damaged products in our state-of-the-art facility.
  • We maintain your inventories and make adjustments as your business activity fluctuates.
  • Our CSR’s are equipped with the latest technology to make adjustments to your account on the spot saving time and errors.
  • In addition to our Service Management Team, we provide 24/7 online access to account information including invoices, inventory and history reports.

C.O.G. programs that save you money.

City Uniforms and Linen provides C.O.G. (Customer Owned Goods) programs for the specialty items that you already own such as gloves, towels and uniforms. This program allows you to extend the life of your products with our advanced cleaning and maintenance techniques on virtually any material and care instructions. We have the capabilities to process and package per you specific requests.

With City’s C.O.G. program there’s no cleaning to do and you save money by allowing us to extend the life cycle of your valuable investments.

Direct Sale programs with no commitment.

City Uniforms and Linen is not just a rental company, selective items are also available for direct sale. We have thousands of products that you can purchase using buying power. Our professional sales representatives will locate any product for you, no matter how unique or rare, and provide the highest quality merchandise at the lowest cost in the market.