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Process of a Sizing Event

What is a sizing event? Our Sales Manager, Eric Wolfe, contacts you in advance to determine what uniforms you need for your industry. He then brings every size available for employees to try on. Each employee tries on both shirts and pants to find out what is most comfortable. Once we find shirt size and pant waist, we measure outseam to find length. Inseam = Length from top of belt to floor – 10 inches. Why do we do it this way? Personal privacy, plus we have found it to be more accurate. The Sales Team comes prepared with order forms that get filled out and signed right there on the spot. Thus, eliminating confusion and mistakes moving forward. Uniform sizing events are a very important to have because it allows all employees to try on the uniforms before ordering. After we gather all the measurement and sizes needed; we personalize them to your company such as name emblems and/or logos.tape measure

City Uniforms and Linen will tailor a custom uniform rental program around your business needs. Unlike other uniform companies, our programs are flexible, and we have the ability to use multiple products lines to meet your requirements. With City’s full-service rental program there’s no cleaning to do, no inventory management, no products to buy and maintain. We handle it all which leaves you time and money to do what you do best operate your business!

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