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Why You Need Flame Resistant Uniforms

Fire is a hazard that numerous amounts of people encounter on a daily basis. You need to be smart and keep yourself protected when it comes running at you when you least expect it. The benefits of having flame resistant uniforms is they won’t melt onto your skin, unlike regular fabric. They are also a lot stronger material meaning you are less likely to have exposed skin from the clothing breaking. Flame resistant clothing can also provide you protection from the heat using thermal insulation. It allows you to be safe when heat is close to your skin. These garments are literally your last line of defense when the unexpected happens.fr uniforms, safety uniform, safety shirt, fr shirt

City Uniforms and Linen provides a variety of flame resistant such as: Shirts, Pants, Bibs and Coveralls, Outerwear & Coverings, Safety Vests, Accessories, 40 CAL Suits, Fleece, Balacavas, and Women’s Shirts

Proper protection from flash fire and arc flash is more than just purchasing or renting flame resistant apparel. It is also properly caring for and cleaning the garments to ensure their protection will last. That is why at City Uniforms and Linen we do more than just supply flame resistant uniforms and apparel; we also care for them.

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