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How CUL is investing in the present…for the future!

At City Uniforms and Linen, our operation behind the scenes might be unknown to the general public or those who utilize our services. Most consumers understand that utilizing our uniform program or linen service will guarantee a clean and fresh output every single time, but maybe they don’t know the process. Understand this, the equipment we use ... Read more

A Video From Rich of CUL about our AMAZING chemicals!

At City Uniforms and Linen, we are experts when it comes to chemicals. As a leader in cleaning supplies and knowing how to maintain a pristine work environment, we know that utilizing top of the line chemicals is imperative. That’s why we use Betco’s products FASTDRAW 1 and FASTDRAW 4, two innovative and convenient solutions ... Read more

99 Problems, but Your Restroom Ain’t One

We know that cleanliness in the workplace is important, but there’s one place that may be a contender for the most important place to keep clean. It’s the one space in your business customers will always remember after they leave…. the restroom! Keeping your bathroom fresh and smelling great keeps employees happy and leaves an ... Read more

No More Dirty Secrets

When someone from the outside comes into your facility, how would they view your workspace? Even if your business is the kind where your customers won’t be coming in and out of this space, it’s still imperative to keep it clean and sanitized. Not only does it look more professional, but it keeps your employees ... Read more

We Appreciate YOU.

The seasons may change, but the loyalty from our customers don’t. At City Uniforms and Linen, we pride ourselves with our service to our customers, but more than anything we appreciate the continual commitment we get from them. We realize there is fierce competition out there, but here are a few reasons you should stick ... Read more

The Power of Our Technology

We consider ourselves at the forefront of technology as it relates to customer billing, inventory management and customer service.  We will be educating our customers in a three-part series in our blog over the next few months.  In this article we are going to feature our MOBILE technology and how it relates to our customers. ... Read more

We are PUMPED about what we do!

The team at City Uniforms & Linen is PUMPED to partner with our customers.  Let’s start with a little about our history.  City Uniforms started as a small retail laundry and dry cleaning shop by Carl Kramer on D-Day in 1944.  He was PUMPED!  As our company grew we continued to add more products and ... Read more

Are you Tired? Great! Rejuvenate your life with pH7!

Floor care work is both labor and time intensive. A high-quality finish can minimize not only floor refinishing cycles but also interim work such as burnishing, buffing, recoating, scrubbing, and recoating/refinishing. Some of these tasks will be necessary no matter what type of finish has been applied. But reducing their frequency by using a superior ... Read more

Coats For Christmas

  Coats for Christmas of Hancock County originated from the vision of City Dry Cleaning owner, Paul Kramer. In 1987, Kramer developed and launched a service project to provide a warm coat to those in need regardless of financial circumstances. Paul conceived the idea of an organized collection of gently used coats, donating his company’s ... Read more

We Are Committed To Our Social Responsibility!

At City, we strive to be an environmentally-focused company, committed to a greener workplace. We have many successful initiatives aimed at minimizing our impact on the environment. Eco-Friendly attributes that decrease our carbon footprint: Onsite recycling bins for paper, plastic, aluminum cans and ink cartridges. A commitment to use technology (email, virtual catalogs, etc.) instead ... Read more

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