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Microfiber Mops – High Performance & Quality

What makes our new microfiber mops so different from the competition? Quality, quality, quality. Microfiber is a miracle product, but some companies try to cheapen it which makes it less effective. We offer the best products with the best quality so you know you’re actually getting what you paid for. Take a look at the Infographic below to learn more about the benefits and what makes our new mop heads different.

Microfiber Infographic

Microfiber Mops: The Facts Behind Microfiber Infographic. Graphic outlines key benefits of the new microfiber mop including, high performance scrubbers, strong Velcro, and looped edging for durability.



Microfiber is the superior cleaning product as it’s more effective at picking up dirt and moisture. With a fiber core split 16 times it can hold more grime than a traditional fiber. And it’s 99.4% effective in removing bacteria and viruses with just water. Conventional products using bleach are only 91.98% effective. The amazing qualities of microfiber paired with our new high performance scrubbing mops are a game changer. These mops have tough scrubbers for easy cleaning. Looped edges for durability. A strong Velcro backing for ultimate grip. And a quality microfiber core for trapping bacteria. We have an ultimate floor cleaning product that everyone should want to try.

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