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Small Businesses Make Our Community

Small Businesses are Booming

In 2020, we started seeing significant growth for small businesses. Many new businesses opened thanks to e-shopping’s popularity, and existing local businesses transformed to grow with the times. With the ongoing global challenges it’s remarkable that so many businesses have thrived and persevered. This growth wouldn’t be achievable without the support of the community. It’s important to build awareness on the difference these impacts can make.

Why You Should Support Small Local Businesses

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There are many economic benefits to shopping small. Small local businesses generate $68 of local economic return for every $100 spent with them. Money is more likely to cycle through the local economy when you shop small. Local business owners are paying taxes, spending, and donating their money within the local economy. National chains take their money outside of the community, so that impact really dwindles. Another really important thing is that local businesses employ a large percentage of the community. Local businesses create a landing place for the local economy and it’s so important to support these businesses so we all can have the community we deserve.

Using a local uniform and linen company is even more special as there are many perks compared to their national chain counterpart. Local uniform companies excel in customer service, and quality. We can dedicate more time and care to our customers than national chains providing you with top notch customer service every time. Local uniform companies can also provide a more individualized service to ensure you are getting exactly what you need. For more information on the benefits of local uniform follow link.


We challenge you to shop local more often and we plan to do the same ourselves. Change out one purchase a week for a small business, then try two. Changing to purchasing primarily from small or local businesses will really make a difference in the quality of products and services you receive, and we bet you’ll never want to go back.

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