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Scents are a powerful tool. They can elicit and create memories, and affect overall mood.¬† Imagine you just caught a whiff of your favorite scent. What kinds of emotions and memories does that bring up? Lemon reminds me of summer, warm weather, sun, and happiness. Therefore, anytime I smell lemon I always feel these happy memories.¬† Next, imagine using the power of scent to get a customer into their happy place before you’ve even interacted.

Having a clean and fresh facility is important to how business is conducted. Customers will remember the way your facility smells and looks before they remember the offerings.

Fresh Scent Infographic

Check out our infographic below to learn more about our fresh scent products and how they can make a lasting impression on customers.

fresh scent infograpic

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Because of how important scent is, we want you to succeed. Reach out to start our facility service program and get your facility in top notch shape to make a lasting impression on your customers. We want to help your company stand out.



Here are the key points from the graphic

  • Did you know?
    • 40% reported an increase in mood after being exposed to a pleasant scent
    • 84% increase in intent to purchase when exposed to pleasant scent
    • 80% of communicable diseases are transferred by touch
    • 86% of customers equate a restrooms cleanliness with that of the kitchen
  • Product Offerings
    • Soaps and sanitizer products are available to stop the spread of germs. Keep customers happy and healthy.
      • Alco gel 70 Hand Sanitizer
      • Foam Hand Soap
    • Scent makes a lasting impression on customers, choose the best option to keep facilities smelling great.
      • Air freshener
      • Door Mate
    • Restroom care is also available to keep your bathroom clean and smelling fresh
      • Urinal mats
      • Omni-guard urinal kit
      • Urinal screen
      • Fresh seat toilet disinfectant
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