spring cleaning tips for the workplace

Spring Cleaning: Tips for the Workplace

The most important advice we have for you is to take full advantage of spring cleaning. It’s so important to clear the air of stagnant energy left over from winter and start to come out of the hibernation months with a clean home and workplace. We understand that finding the motivation to start cleaning can be challenging, so we’re hoping by providing you with some tips you’ll be inspired to get out there and clean! And know, that we’re doing this right along with you!

Spring Cleaning: Tips for the Workplace

  • Declutter Workstations
    • Clutter is problem some in so many ways;
      • Provides visual distractions
      • Dirt will collect and make it harder to clean when there are more items
      • And can cause safety issues when things gather in walkways.
  • Wipe Down All Surfaces at work stations, including phones, keyboards, monitors, and desktops
    • Stop the spread of germs and have a cleaner working environment
    • Our preferred method of cleaning for spring is with some water and a microfiber towel. Microfiber is more effective at cleaning germs, dirt, and grime with just water compared to regular towels with cleaning products.
  • Get Floor Mats Cleaned
    • Floor mats work just as well as air purifiers. They trap dirt and dust that normally is drug inside. Spring is a perfect time to clean those “filters” so you can have cleaner air in your facility
    • Contact City Uniforms and Linen and we’ll clean your floor mats for you!
  • Refresh Bathrooms with Fresh Scents
    • A clean bathroom makes an impression, a stinky bathroom makes a bigger impression. Make the right impression by adding some fresh scents
    • Think about adding scented Urinal Mats or F-Matic Air Fresheners

We Can Help You

We have what you need to get your facility in top notch shape. We have everything mentioned above and more to put you on the right track to have a successful spring clean. But remember, its just as important to clean your space physically, as well as mentally. Let us help you by taking on some of your responsibilities. We offer Facility Services management so we will keep track of your supply stocks, and we have a full service Uniform Program. You don’t have to do everything on your own.

Request a Quote to let us help you tackle your spring cleaning this year.