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City Stories: Summer Interns

Meet Our Summer Interns

At City we have the joy of working with interns and experiencing new perspectives in the office. Follow along as they introduce themselves. See what they’re learning in their new roles and what they hope to accomplish with us.

About Luciana:


Hello! My name is Luciana Pereyra, I’m from Lima, Peru. I’m a summer part-time Operations intern at City Uniforms and Linen. I am a 2022 graduate from The University of Findlay with a double major in Business Management and Marketing. Also, I am part of UF’s women’s tennis team and will use my extra year of eligibility to pursue my MBA in the Fall of 2022.

On my first day, Rich introduced me to everyone in the office and gave me a tour of the plant. It was interesting to see how everything is organized and the care they take to deliver their services. During my first week at City, I went to three Marketing meetings. I have been able to learn more about how a company’s meeting agendas are organized and give some input. So far it has been easy to get used to the work atmosphere because everyone is friendly and welcoming towards me.

The marketing team has the tradition of reading a business book together. So, we started reading ‘The Growth Advantage,’ by Bob Lisser and there are many things to learn from it. Like the importance of having a growth mentality. I’ve also enjoyed spending my time creating designs on Illustrator and doing some research on content ideas.

Lastly, I’m looking forward to going on trips, so that I can record the experience and share it!

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About Brock:


Hello, my name is Brock Lammers, and I am currently a junior at Bowling Green State University majoring in Supply Chain Management. I am interning at City Uniforms and Linen with the goal of learning as many new skills as possible while in the work environment and being successful at it. Half of my day is spent in the plant and the other half in the office. This is probably the best choice I could make because of the experience it brings me on a daily basis. I think it is important to be familiar with the challenges every worker experience because this helps with communication and cohesion between the plant and office members.

Day 1:

Day 1 began quick for me as I was placed in the soil department. Every station in the plant is important for success, but I do think the soil station may have the top spot by the slightest of margin because they literally fuel the whole plant with uniforms and linen. After a successful shift in the plant, I went into the office. Since it was the first day, I was mainly introduced to everyone and shown my spot where I would be spending most of my time throughout the summer. Though it was my first day I could tell the environment is great in the office and everyone has their own effective role in the business.

Day 2:

I clocked in on day 2 and found a spot on the soil line and got to work. Day 2 went very smoothly and I’m not sure if that was by the luck of the draw, getting used to

it, or if we as a team simply dominated that day (I personally believe it was the last scenario). I then headed out for a lunch break, changed clothes, and headed into the office. With the normal office quietness, mouse clicks, and meetings I found my desk and here I am today.

I cannot wait for what this internship has in store for me throughout summer. I’m excited to learn and help a local family business succeed in any way possible that is presented to me.

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City Employees are the Best:

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