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Slips, Trips, & Falls

Water is great. It’s one of the essential things we humans need to survive. However, water can also be our enemy. I know you’ve heard the saying “slippery when wet”, so how do we combat water that has gone rogue? Mats! There are 4 reasons to say yes to matting: Safety Protection Appearance Savings Mats ... Read more

National Burn Awareness Week

National Burn Awareness Week While it’s important to raise awareness and prevent fires this week for National Burn Awareness Week, we should be encouraging and educating our employees and peers on safety every week. According to the American Burn Association, every year over 450,000 serious burn injuries occur in the United States that require medical ... Read more

Coats For Christmas 2018

Coats for Christmas celebrated 31 years of keeping the members of our community warm! No one deserves to be caught in the bitter cold without a coat. This thought was the beginning of Paul Kramer’s vision. He started the organization which then took off. The idea was to provide coats to anyone who needed one ... Read more

We Love Our Community: United Way Campaign

Every year City Uniforms and Linen and City Dry Cleaning take part in a multitude of events to give back to our community. One of those events being the United Way Campaign. United Way of Hancock County is an organization committed to the betterment of our community. They take a look at Hancock County and ... Read more

Customer Highlight: Industrial Millwright Services

Industrial Millwright: Check out this post featuring our customer Industrial Millwright and the services we provide for them.

Thankful for Hand Soap!

It’s that time of year again where many people reflect on the individuals and items they are thankful for. Some cliché answers when asked what you’re thankful for are the typical family, friends, shelter, food, etc. Not to say that one shouldn’t be thankful for those things, but people expect that answer. If you want ... Read more

Guide: Find The Right Cleaners!

The Right Cleaners For Your Business A business has a lot of moving parts that require effort and attention.  Research is another task that is involved. From market analysis down to researching what products to use. In addition to all that goes on, companies have a reputation to maintain. This is done through many categories, but a big detriment is ... Read more

Innovative Cleaner: FASTDRAW

Innovative Cleaning Products Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of a business besides their operations. It gives the first impression to the customer right when they take one step on the property. Many businesses have a handful of chemicals that they don’t even know the uses for. People think that there needs to be one chemical ... Read more

Put An End To April Showers Mess!

April Showers Bring May Flowers.  That phrase may be true, but do you know what else April Showers brings? A mess inside!  Seriously, though. The last thing we want to do is bring in muddy water from our soaking wet shoes.  How can the problem be fixed, one may ask. The problem can’t be fixed, ... Read more

Keep Your Facility Safe & Looking Great!

As warm weather finally approaches it’s end and the days get shorter, it’s time to get practical about what will happen to your facility. When it comes to the safety of your company’s facility, there are a few things that come to mind: accessibility for all persons, clean and healthy air and water accessible for ... Read more

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