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Why Keeping Your Company’s Facilities Fresh and Clean is so Important!

Your facility can be spotless, smell fresh, have an awesome layout and decorator, but if the restrooms are uninviting and borderline repulsive you won’t have very pleased customers. Nobody wants to have their customers walk into a restroom and be so horrified or upset with the conditions that they refuse to do business at that ... Read more

Our Mat Programs Are Something You May Not Know About, But Should!

An often overlooked and under-appreciated aspect of a business is not what is seen by the consumer, but what can be seen only by the employees and those behind the scenes. At City Uniforms and Linen, we pride ourselves in making safety easier for all employees with our services. It’s hard to tell which of our ... Read more

Success In Cleveland Isn’t a New Thing!

June 19th, 2016 — a day which has brought more joy than seemingly any other day in the history of Cleveland to any native of the city, Ohioan, or Cleveland sports fan. On this day, Cleveland’s professional sports championship draught was over thanks to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. And although many people think ... Read more

HOT Buy: Flame Resistant Uniforms!

This summer, play it cool and stay safe with our flame resistant uniforms. The extremely high quality and comfortable products we have to offer are a must-have this summer for your workplace to protect against any disasters that may occur. Our full line of Bulwark apparel is the best at protecting against any potential dangers ... Read more

7 Ways City Mats Do It Better

Floor mats may not be a very exciting topic to most, but when it comes to the quality of work your business does, they actually play a big role. Floor mats are what keeps your business safe, clean, and looking uniform. At City Uniforms and Linen, we like to think were the best at what ... Read more

You’ll Love Us Because We’re Local!

As being a part of Kramer Enterprises based out of Findlay Ohio, City Uniforms and Linen has been very fortunate to have such a supportive and close knit community. Findlay is most excellent when it comes to supporting their businesses whether they be small or just local. Here at City Uniforms and Linen, this is ... Read more

Kramer Enterprises: multiple businesses serve customers large and small

No tasks at Kramer Enterprises seems “too big” or “too small.” We have prided ourselves in being able to tackle anything that we come across and serving our prospective communities. With each growing year, we take on more and more projects and we want you to catch up on what we have been up to ... Read more

Get your Business Holiday Party Ready

Get your Business Holiday Party Ready When it comes to the Holidays you can expect a few things…more foot traffic, cold wet weather and your employees wanting to party like rock stars for the month of December. I mean let’s be real, everyone has their vacation days, Christmas presents and larger than life appetites during ... Read more

Coats for Christmas

Coats for Christmas of Hancock County originated from the vision of City Dry Cleaning owner, Paul Kramer. In 1987, Kramer developed and launched a service project to provide a warm coat to those in need regardless of financial circumstances. Paul conceived the idea of an organized collection of gently used coats, donating his company’s services ... Read more

Dr. Dell Explains the FASTDRAW® System!

Have you ever wished your staff could mix cleaning chemicals quickly and accurately every time?  When cleaning chemicals are not properly diluted, it is like pouring money down the drain.  Enter the Betco FASTDRAW® 1 dispenser!  Reduce your cleaning costs by 30% with this simple solution. The Betco FASTDRAW® 1 dispenser is small and compact ... Read more

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