hygienically clean workplace is guaranteed

Hygienically Clean = Safe Workplace and Home

City Uniforms & Linen is a leading uniform program and facility services provider. We recently have been certified hygienically clean. You may ask, what does hygienically clean even mean? Hygienically Clean is an established threshold that guides the reduction of pathogens on textile products to levels that pose no threat of human illness. This ensures that your uniforms don’t get cross-contaminated with chemicals, bacteria, or viruses.

We have the ability to control and regulate the whole wash process. Your garments are washed at 160 degrees for more than 25 minutes using Gurtler Chemical formulas. After being washed, garments are gone through dryers for extended 160-degree long cycle garments to dryers for 160-degree short cycle. Then hung and put through a steam tunnel at 280 degrees. Click below to gain more information about how we are certified hygienically clean.


Our hygienically clean uniform rental programs provide businesses with multiple advantages:

  • Enhanced company and employee image.
  • Complete program management
  • Customized emblems and embroidery catered to your company
  • Regularly scheduled pickup and delivery
  • Maintenance and quality checks of all garments regularly
  • Repairs and replacements as needed
  • Individual sizing and fitting for all employees
  • Clean and Safe workplaces for all

By utilizing our uniform rental program, it saves your company, and its employees time and money. To learn more about our rental programs and services, explore our website or contact us today!