Benefits of mats in the workplace

Benefits of Mats in the Workplace

Benefits of Mats

City Uniforms and Linen offers a variety of floor mats to fit the needs of our customers. Floor mats serve many critical functions and there are many benefits to having mats in the workplace.

One benefits of mats in the workplace is, there is a proven reduced cleaning time. 39% of custodial time includes floor care and a 15-foot mat can trap 85% of dirt which reduces the amount of time spent cleaning the floor. Mats are also a great return on investment as every dollar spent in keeping soil outside saves ten dollars in removing soil inside. Mats also prevent injury, which is so important as we all want to keep our employees safe. And while keeping employees safe we can also increase productivity by providing comfort flow mats which can increase productivity 20-50% for workers who spend more time standing on concrete.

We offer a variety of mats that serve a variety of different functions for your business. Let’s look and see the benefits of each mat we offer here at City.

Comfort Flow Mats

These mats are designed to support workers. They help cushion the feet and provide more support for long hours. Having these mats increases productivity because workers standing on them feel better while working and spend more time focusing on their job. These mats are also certified slip resistant which helps workers remain safe and prevent slips and falls.

City uniforms and linen front lobby with a logo mat

Logo Mats

Logo mats provide fresh branding for your company. Customers will really see how much you value your business by having a showstopper mat front and center. Look at how we’ve taken advantage of logo mats in our personal space.

Classic Walk Off Mats

These mats are meant to trap moisture and dirt before it makes it into the workplace. It helps drive down the time spent cleaning as dirt stops at the mat.

Super-Scrape Scraper Mats

The main goal of these mats is to scrape away grime on shoes. The circular cleats are multidirectional and effective at scraping away tough grime on any shoes at any angle.

Let’s Get Some Mats

We don’t know where we would be without mats in our facility (probably splattered all over the floor and hobbling in pain) and can’t sing their praises enough. We believe every company should benefit from mats in the workplace.

For more information on our floor mat rental program click here.  Please reach out to to start your mat rental program.

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