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City Uniforms and Linen serves a variety of industries for all their uniform needs. We know that each industry has a unique need toward uniforms, whether it be flame resistance, style, fit, high visibility, or even just comfort. Because of this, City tailors our uniform program to fit your needs to keep your workers looking fresh and safe.

Let’s look to see what City can do for you and how we cater to each individual industry.

Automotive Dealers and Service:

automotive uniforms and mechanic uniforms

When it comes to automotive dealers and service industry we have uniforms that are fit for car dealerships, mechanics, and service work employees. We provide high-quality automotive uniforms with OEM licensed brands along with branding related to your specific company.

Manufacturing and Industrial:

We also support uniforms tailored to machine operators, maintenance, assembly, and loading doc workers to keep them safe in their different functions. Along with function, we also offer a variety of colors, styles, fabrics, and safety uniforms including specialty uniforms like high visibility, fire resistant, and soil and stain resistant garments.

Colleges and Universities:

Another industry we serve is colleges and universities. We have uniforms that are made for university employees like maintenance, custodians, and groundskeepers. Having a uniform program in place for these workers help provides a sense of unity. It also helps students and faculty identify critical staff members in a large setting. We also offer branded uniforms to add an additional sense of pride for workers.

Executive and Corporate:

Corporate apparel is so important, which is why we take extra care to offer working professionals with branded apparel. Apparel branded with the company logo and colors increases the perception of quality and professionalism in the eyes of the customers. This extra step shows clients that you are proud of your company and are willing to go the extra mile.

food processing and manufacturing uniforms

Food Processing and Manufacturing:

Here at City we take pride in serving food processing and manufacturing industries. We have uniforms that are fit for food manufacturing and processing employees. City is also HACCP compliant and certified hygienically clean in order to make sure that there is no cross contamination between uniforms. We also have specialized garments to keep employees protected, including, fire resistant and safety garments.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals:

Our uniforms fit for professionals in the medical field needing lab coats and scrubs serve, health care facilities, hospitals, laboratories, doctor’s offices, rehab centers, nursing homes and more. There are a variety of options depending on practice needs as well at color and style options. As well as we run a certified hygienically clean operation that is free of any contaminantshealthcare and pharmaceuticals

Restaurants & Hospitality:

City serves the restaurant and hospitality sector with a smile. We offer uniforms for wait staff, servers, chefs, maids, housekeepers, and other hospitality employees. Uniforms in this industry help develop a strong brand image and we offer a variety of colors to align with the brand.hospitality uniforms

Final Thoughts:

City can do it all. With a variety of programs to fit your industries unique needs we are able to adapt to almost any situation. For even more information about our uniform rental program click here:

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