New year uniform offerings

New Year Uniform Offerings!

New Year, New Uniforms?

We all know as the New Year rolls around it’s time to start thinking about things we’re going to strive for. The top thing everyone wants puts on their resolutions list is “getting in shape” but why not embrace the body you have. Make some adjustments to your uniforms that make you feel great!¬† We’ve got some new offerings that could really help jumpstart that new year, new positivity and good feelings all around.

PX60 and PX61 (Work Pants for Men and Women)

back of uniform pants
Back of Women’s Pants
front uniform pants
Front of Women’s Pants

What do these two garments have in common? STRETCH! These garments are designed to move with your body. Featuring multiple panels of stretchy material where you need it most.

The men’s version has a stretch panel in the center area to allow for extreme bending. While the women’s version has that same center panel, but also a hip panel so accommodate more body types and leave you feeling your best and allowing you to work to full capacity.

These pants come in three color options (Gray, Navy, and Black) and a surplus of sizes making them the ultimate work pant. Seriously you’re gonna want to try these.

SY41 and SY42 (Oil Block Shirt for Men and Women)

Front of oil block uniform shirt
Men’s Oil Block Shirt Front
back of Men's Oil Block uniform Shirt
Men’s Oil Block Shirt Back

We do have more new items on our roster this year too that we have to highlight. The SY42 is a handy garment. Just like the pants above, it also has a stretch panel in the sides for optimal mobility and breathability. But, that’s not all these shirts offer, they also are designed to repel oil and other tough automotive fluids. There are up to 8 color options and sizes ranging from small to 5XL in men’s with long options too. And women sizes in extra small to 3XL.

Treat Yourself

Make the switch to new uniforms that offer mobility and comfort. You deserve it. As soon as you try them out you’ll be thanking us! Reach out to to get in touch with a rep on making the change. Click here to learn more about our uniform program.

And wishing you a Happy New Year!