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we're hiring benefits

We’re Hiring! Benefits of Working at City

We’re hiring! City Uniforms and Linen is a third-generation, family-owned, and operated business, so we know a thing or two about trust, family and personability.  Since 1944, we’ve been setting the bar for personalized service, attention to detail, and flexible programs by listening to our customers and putting their needs first. And we transfer that ... Read more

How are Uniform Rental Programs Environmentally Friendly? 

Uniform Rental Programs can have many benefits for your business. They can save you time, boost employee morale and company image. But did you know that they are also environmentally friendly?  Keep reading to see how you can do your part to save the planet with a uniform rental program.  Reuse: If you think about ... Read more
hygienically clean to keep you safe

Hygienically Clean to Keep You Safe

As a reminder, we are certified hygienically clean to keep you safe. We are no stranger to the crazy world we’re all experiencing. We are living through history day after day. Which is why we want you to know that we are prepared for anything. And we’re getting pretty good at adapting and overcoming to ... Read more
ILUD international linen and uniform day

Help us Celebrate International Linen & Uniform Service Day!

August 9th is International Linen and Uniform Service Day. Never heard of it? It’s the day where we celebrate the industry that does so much for us! A History: August 9th, 1910 was a day that changed history, the day that Thor, the first electric powered washing machine was patented. This revolutionized the laundry industry, ... Read more
benefits of city as local uniform provider

4 Benefits of City as your Local Uniform Rental Provider

Uniform rental benefits your business, specifically using City. Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits City can offer when you make the switch. 1. Save Your Business Time  With a City managed program you get your time back You and your employees don’t have to worry about laundering or uniform maintenance  Route ... Read more
Simple innovative solutions

Delivering Simple Innovative Solutions

The Right Simple Innovative Solutions for YOU: Having a cleaning system that works for you will save you time and money. The FastDraw Chemical Management Dispenser is the simple innovative solution to having a clean facility.  It serves any industry, including, manufacturing, food service, hospitals and many others. And provides a universal solution to saving ... Read more
The best uniform companies in OHIO

Best Uniform Companies in Ohio

Having a successful uniform rental program is very beneficial to your business. Uniform Programs help you get back to managing your business since they save you time and money. Because of that, it’s important to know what your options are when it comes to having a uniform rental program that works for you. We’ve done ... Read more

History of Juneteenth

Many American’s do not know of this monumental day in History. On the night of January 1st, 1863, free and enslaved African Americans eagerly awaited the news that the Emancipation Proclamation had taken effect. By the stroke of midnight all enslaved people in Confederate States were declared legally free. Union soldiers traveled across cities and ... Read more

City Stories: Summer Interns

Meet Our Summer Interns At City we have the joy of working with interns and experiencing new perspectives in the office. Follow along as they introduce themselves. See what they’re learning in their new roles and what they hope to accomplish with us. About Luciana: Hello! My name is Luciana Pereyra, I’m from Lima, Peru. ... Read more
fresh scent

Delivering Fresh Scent Image

Scents are a powerful tool. They can elicit and create memories, and affect overall mood.  Imagine you just caught a whiff of your favorite scent. What kinds of emotions and memories does that bring up? Lemon reminds me of summer, warm weather, sun, and happiness. Therefore, anytime I smell lemon I always feel these happy ... Read more

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