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fresh scent

Delivering Fresh Scent Image

Scents are a powerful tool. They can elicit and create memories, and affect overall mood.  Imagine you just caught a whiff of your favorite scent. What kinds of emotions and memories does that bring up? Lemon reminds me of summer, warm weather, sun, and happiness. Therefore, anytime I smell lemon I always feel these happy ... Read more
spring cleaning tips for the workplace

Spring Cleaning: Tips for the Workplace

The most important advice we have for you is to take full advantage of spring cleaning. It’s so important to clear the air of stagnant energy left over from winter and start to come out of the hibernation months with a clean home and workplace. We understand that finding the motivation to start cleaning can ... Read more
city employee spotlight

City Spotlight: Brittany Prindle

Brittany Prindle has been apart of the city family for 7 years! She started working for us in 2014. She began her journey off in the setup department (set up is where new uniforms are ordered, prepared and altered) and remained there approx… a year. The accounts receivable position opened,  her background/degree fell in line ... Read more

Microfiber Mops – High Performance & Quality

What makes our new microfiber mops so different from the competition? Quality, quality, quality. Microfiber is a miracle product, but some companies try to cheapen it which makes it less effective. We offer the best products with the best quality so you know you’re actually getting what you paid for. Take a look at the ... Read more
Image that says we love small businesses at City Uniforms and Linen

Small Businesses Make Our Community

Small Businesses are Booming In 2020, we started seeing significant growth for small businesses. Many new businesses opened thanks to e-shopping’s popularity, and existing local businesses transformed to grow with the times. With the ongoing global challenges it’s remarkable that so many businesses have thrived and persevered. This growth wouldn’t be achievable without the support ... Read more
Stay clean and healthy with city wipes and masks

Stay Clean & Healthy / City Wipes & Masks

While cold, flu, and virus season are surging again this winter it’s so important that we protect ourselves and others. Experts are recommending using higher effective masks like KN95’s and N95’s to help reduce the spread of germs with new contagious variants. We have all you need to keep everyone safe this season which includes ... Read more
What is going on in the supply chain

What is Going on in the Supply Chain

Global Supply Chain As we move into 2022 it’s helpful to reflect on the past year to get an understanding of where we’re going and what has changed. 2021 brought many challenges in the business world, including global supply chain issues caused by the ongoing pandemic. We have seen labor and product shortages, price hikes, ... Read more
New year uniform offerings

New Year Uniform Offerings!

New Year, New Uniforms? We all know as the New Year rolls around it’s time to start thinking about things we’re going to strive for. The top thing everyone wants puts on their resolutions list is “getting in shape” but why not embrace the body you have. Make some adjustments to your uniforms that make ... Read more
Holiday supply solutions

Holiday Supply Solutions

Happy Holidays! As we’re reaching for the end of the year there are many exciting things to look forward to. One thing we are always most excited about are all the holiday events that this time of year brings to us as they’re a great way to reconnect with individuals and have some fun. I ... Read more
Coats for Christmas information header

Coats For Christmas 2021

Coats for Christmas of Hancock County originated from the vision of City Dry Cleaning owner, Paul Kramer. In 1987, Kramer developed and launched a service project to provide a warm coat to those in need regardless of financial circumstances. Paul conceived the idea of an organized collection of gently used coats, donating his company’s services ... Read more

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