happy holidays, delve into some magical winter holidays

Happy Holidays! Learn More About Winter Holidays

Happy Holidays from all us at City! December is a magical month with so many rich holidays that celebrate many cultures, religions, and seasons. We wanted to highlight some of the holidays that make this time of year so special as everyone gears up to celebrate.


Hanukkah (December 19th – December 26th)

  • Jewish holiday known as the festival of lights. Celebration of Judaism and the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem.¬† Celebrated by lighting candles on a menorah, gift giving, and traditional food.

Winter Solstice / Yule (December 21st and 11 Days after)

  • Recognized by many in the Northern Hemisphere as a way to celebrate the the first day of winter, the shortest day of the year and the return of light. Celebrated by lighting Yule Logs and candles to burn through the night and many other modern traditions.


Christmas (December 24th-  25th)

  • Originated as a Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus, that has expanded to include many non religious and multicultural aspects for all. Each culture and family has their own way of celebrating the holiday but common traditions include Santa delivering presents under Christmas trees, lights, caroling, and family gatherings.

Kwanza (December 26th – January 1st)

  • Celebration of African-American history and culture. Festivities include dancing, candle lighting, and story telling.

New Years (December 31st- 1st)


  • Celebrated world wide, a way to welcome in the new year and have a fresh start. Celebrated with New Years Resolutions, fireworks, and gatherings watching the clock strike 12.

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We hope you all take time to embrace the season and spend quality time with family.