give the gift of scents

Give the Gift of Scents this Valentines Day

Let’s face it, flowers may be beautiful, but they don’t last forever. So why not give your facility a gift that keeps on giving long after Valentine’s Day is over? Add fresh scents with ourFreshe and ourFresh 2.0. Two revolutionary active air fresheners that will keep your facilities smelling fresh and inviting long after the roses have wilted.

Fresh Scent Always:

Fresh scents ourFresh 2.0

Unlike traditional metered aerosols or passive air fresheners that rely on doors opening to push out the fragrance, the ourFresh duo uses a fan and smart technology to evenly distribute the scent for up to 30 days. This ensures a consistent flow of fragrance without any random spikes or drops in intensity.

What’s more, ourFreshe and ourFresh 2.0 are made with natural oils, making them healthier to breathe in. Plus, they feature a patented fragrance load system and recyclable cartridges, making them an eco-friendly choice.

The dynamic duo is incredibly versatile. The ourFreshe has a plug-in power source, so it only requires an outlet to disperse fragrances in a gentle breeze. This is ideal for offices and conference rooms. The ourFresh 2.0 utilizes a battery system to maintain the flow, making it perfect for areas without outlets, such as bathrooms. Both systems have adjustable flow settings, allowing you to set the strength of the scent to your preference. Both provide ultimate customization to meet your needs.

We’ll Take Care of it For You:

And if that wasn’t enough, our experienced service team will take care of all the upkeep for you, including switching out the scent cartridge and battery (ourFresh 2.0) when needed. So you can enjoy all the benefits without any hassle.

Get Started Today:

For more information or to try a sample, contact our sales team at and start experiencing the fresh scents today! And click here if you’re interested in more of our facility service programs.

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