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Introducing: New Garment Protection Program

Our garment protection plan is now fully customizable to meet your individual needs. We understand that everyone has unique requirements for their uniforms, so we have developed a tiered system to provide the most comprehensive protection. Explore the infographic below to discover how our garment protection program can work for you and help you safeguard your uniforms.

Garment Protection Program Infographic:

new garment protection plan

You have insurance for your car, home, and self, so why not insure your other valuable assets, your uniforms. Making the transition is easy. If you currently have a City garment protection plan and want to upgrade, or want to get in on the program all together, request a quote or talk to your service representation.



What is a garment protection plan

A garment protection plan is an insurance premium that covers normal wear and tear of damaged garments. It’s a solution to the age old problem of garment replacement charges and helps stabilize weekly invoices.

Benefits of a GPP

  • Stabilize weekly bill
  • Cover unexpected charges
  • Regular maintenance keeps uniforms looking and performing their best

The Base: Garment Protection Program

Protection for garments in circulation. Covers regular wear and tear of garments before their useful life is up. Does not include quit employees

The Step Up: Total Protection Program

The total protection program is possibly all the protection most will need. It covers damaged garments in circulation and quit employees. This means you don’t have to worry about any regular damage for garments and can just focus on doing your work.

The Ultimate: Platinum Protection Program

The platinum protection program is the most extensive program. This program  includes all damaged garments in circulation, including quit employees. It also covers all prep and emblem charges. Providing you with the most stable weekly bill. So if you want to have a good variety of customization for your uniforms, this is the plan for you.

Oversize and custom size charges apply in all programs. None of these programs covered lost / missing garments. Malicious damage is also not covered in the GPP

Like any insurance program rates will be monitored and adjusted with use.


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