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Outerwear and Garment Protection Plans

It’s getting chilly out there. As the temperatures keep dropping consider investing in high quality outerwear. At City, we have outerwear rentals that can keep even the coldest workers warm.

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We have a variety of styles to suit your company needs. With safety in mind we can source FR and High Visibility jackets. And we even have coats fit for the artic blast.

Stay safe with the same trusted FR and High Visibility outerwear you look for in your uniforms.

Mix comfort and professionality in one with versatile hoodies. These hoodies keep employees warm while also providing function.

The heavyweight parka can withstand the coldest temperatures. Keeping people who work outside warm in the harshest climates.

City Garment Protection Program:

If your interested in a uniform rental program, or already have one, consider how that program is working for you. City garment protection plan is an insurance premium that covers damaged garments. You have insurance for you car, house, and self, why not add insurance for your garments too. The garment protection program solves the age-old problem of garment replacement charges, and helps stabilize weekly invoice with a consistent rate.

All garments enrolled to the program are covered for damage under normal wear and tear. Malicious damage will not be covered. The weekly GPP charge will appear on weekly invoices and cover all garments and departments.

Benefits of a Garment Protection Program

  • Stable weekly invoices
  • Uniforms are safer and look better when repaired and replaced regularly
  • No more billing surprises

It’s time to start thinking about a winter wardrobe. And protect that wardrobe with a garment protection program. Reach out to sales@cityul.com or talk to your local representative about adding outerwear and a garment protection program.

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