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Why Join A Uniform Rental Program

Did you know that garments have a life expectancy? Even floor mats. Although they have a life expectancy, that does not mean they can’t last longer than expected or break down sooner than expected. Shirts typically last 2-3 years if treated properly, and pants usually last four years. Before even agreeing to join our uniform ... Read more
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Incredible Perseverance

Many companies have crumbled when they are dealt a poor hand. City is no stranger to encountering these scenarios. What makes this company so different from the others? Their ability to hold their head high, move forward, and persevere through times of adversity. One night in July of 1994, Paul T. Kramer watched as his ... Read more
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The Magical Wonders of Soap

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, germs are gross. They make us sick. Every day your body battles to keep these little monsters out of your body, so why not help yourself out on the battlefield? The simple solution is to wash your hands! Our body has natural barriers; however, when someone ... Read more
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Process of a Sizing Event

What is a sizing event? Our Sales Manager, Eric Wolfe, contacts you in advance to determine what uniforms you need for your industry. He then brings every size available for employees to try on. Each employee tries on both shirts and pants to find out what is most comfortable. Once we find shirt size and ... Read more
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Why You Need Flame Resistant Uniforms

Fire is a hazard that numerous amounts of people encounter on a daily basis. You need to be smart and keep yourself protected when it comes running at you when you least expect it. The benefits of having flame resistant uniforms is they won’t melt onto your skin, unlike regular fabric. They are also a ... Read more
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City Uniforms & Linen Acquiring Midwest Linen

We’re Expanding! In December of 2020, City Uniforms and Linen has acquired Midwest Linen. Midwest Linen is located in Pontiac, Michigan and they are also a uniform and facility services provider. Through this acquisition, City has gained 160+ new customers while improving our ability to better serve our existing relationships in Michigan. We will now ... Read more
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The Benefits of Having Uniforms

I know wearing a uniform can be a pain at times, but you probably don’t know the benefits and why wearing uniforms in important. Having a uniform in the workplace can provide employees with a sense of belonging and improve productivity while also creating a team environment. Having uniforms provided for employees saves money for ... Read more
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The Perspective of being an Intern

Hi everyone, I’m Ashley, the marketing intern here at City Uniforms and Linens. I am from Findlay and I’m currently a senior at Tiffin University. I am also on the Women’s Golf team at Tiffin. My time here has only been a few days so far, but my eyes have been opened. The plan was ... Read more

Customer Spotlight: Heavenly Pizza

Pizza, subs, and salads OH MY! Heavenly Pizza on the corner of Trenton Ave and North Main St. has you covered. Anniversaries, Parties, Buckeye Football…Whatever you are craving, Heavenly Pizza has the divine food that keeps people raving!

Through the Eyes of a City Intern: Part 3

As I (Alyson) wrap up my first week back at school, I wanted to do my final “Through the Eyes of a CIty Intern” blog post for the summer. I’m sad not to be in the office anymore, but I’m happy to be continuing a few tasks and projects remotely throughout my fall semester. You’ll ... Read more

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