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Clorox Wipes Shortage Is Here To Stay

Uh oh! Clorox, the world’s biggest producer of disinfectant cleaning materials, said consumers will continue seeing the current shortage of their wipes and other products into 2021 due to the overwhelming demand of the pandemic. Obviously all types of disinfecting products have been flying off the shelves, but wipes have been in particularly high demand. ... Read more

Through the Eyes of a City Intern: Part 3

As I (Alyson) wrap up my first week back at school, I wanted to do my final “Through the Eyes of a CIty Intern” blog post for the summer. I’m sad not to be in the office anymore, but I’m happy to be continuing a few tasks and projects remotely throughout my fall semester. You’ll ... Read more

City’s Quick Cleaning Tips

There’s no more important time to keep things clean than the present. Between preventing illness and being at home more than usual, it’s important to keep our spaces clean and organized. And for businesses, it’s equally important to keep common areas clean. No one wants their employees or customers getting sick! So what and how ... Read more

Customer Spotlight: Millers Meats

Millers Meats is the place to be for all the goodies and treats! They are a family-owned company located on Trenton Ave. in Findlay, OH. Whether you want to swing by for lunch or get an event catered, they have it all. Here is a snippet from our trip and boy did it smell delicious!

Through the Eyes of a City Intern: Part 2

It can’t be true that my time as the marketing intern for City is over halfway done! It feels like just last week that I was working at the business reopening tent sale with Sidney. But somehow, that was all the way back in May. You know what they say though, time flies when you’re ... Read more

FightBac Against Illness

FightBac Disinfectant is the closest thing you might get to magic right now. This stuff is awesome! It was the best seller at our tent sale earlier this summer, and for good reason. So, what is it? FightBac is a disinfectant spray that is PROVEN to kill Coronavirus. All you do is spray it on ... Read more

We offer PPE!

Gowns, masks and gloves… oh my! Now more than ever, PPE has become a common topic of conversation. It seems to be that before COVID-19, there weren’t many places and industries that needed to worry about PPE. Well now, EVERYONE does. Whether it’s just wearing masks around the office or protective gowns in healthcare settings, ... Read more

Through the Eyes of a City Intern

Hi! I’m Alyson, a marketing intern at City Uniform and Linen. I’m from Findlay, and I’m a rising junior at Miami University. After my first week at City being outside at the tent sale, I was so excited to be in the office and the plant! My time this week began with a tour of ... Read more

Combat Coronavirus

Coronavirus. It’s everywhere. News. Social Media. Infecting people worldwide. What is it? The Coronavirus has a lot of unknowns attached to it; this is what makes it so scary. However, this is what we do know: The virus is zoonotic, which means it spreads from animals to humans Common signs of infection include fever, runny ... Read more

Celebrating 75 Years! Part 3

In case any of you have missed the recent celebration, here is the recap… 1944 – City Laundry opens for business 1950 – Family business transitions from home laundry to dry cleaning 1977 – City Dry Cleaning began contract to pre-wash Levi jeans 1982 – Company expanded into 10,000 sq. ft. adjoining property 1986 – ... Read more

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