Put An End To April Showers Mess!

April Showers April Showers Bring May Flowers. 

That phrase may be true, but do you know what else April Showers brings? A mess inside!  Seriously, though. The last thing we want to do is bring in muddy water from our soaking wet shoes.  How can the problem be fixed, one may ask. The problem can’t be fixed, but what can happen is a convenient and affordable cleanup process.  Since getting 1lb of debris out of a facility costs roughly $500, it is even more crucial to choose the right tool to make the task efficient (CleanLink)

What’s the Solution?  

Mops! Yeah, I said it. Mops tend to be thought of as old-fashioned or out of date. That is a huge misconception. Mops are actually a lot more effective than the mainstream products such as Swiffer and similar items.  Unlike the other products, you don’t have to buy other products continuously. For example, with a basic Swiffer you have to continuously purchase pads in order to keep using it. They run out extremely quick and are NOT environmentally friendly (EnviornmentalWorkingGroup). In most cases, 1 Swiffer pad only has the capability to clean 1 room. 

On the other hand, mops are actually convenient! There are only a couple of steps to clean up the mess from April Showers. Mops are inexpensive, and products don’t have to be purchased on a regular basis. They are very durable and last a long time. Most importantly, they can clean a huge amount of space and are eco-friendly! 

Who Provides Mops Anymore?

We do!  City Uniforms and Linen offers a wide range of microfiber dust mop sizes to service every workstation in your facility. At City Uniforms and Linen, keeping your floors clean is not only important for a companies image, but it is essential for keeping a safe environment. Our cleaning solution, Ph7 Ultra, is a great ECO-FRIENDLY option!  We are also inexpensive. Buying 1 mop from an outside source costs on average $7.  We provide mops for a fraction of the buying cost. Renting 1 mop through City Uniforms and Linen is only $1.50. That screams SAVINGS!  We also provide convenience. Customers are able to reduce costs with our full-service program.  Our full-service program provides and exchanges dirty mop heads with clean and sanitized ones on a regular basis. We manage the inventory and are consistently updating our inventory, so you don’t have to!

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