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Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of a business besides their operations. It gives the first impression to the customer right when they take one step on the property. Many businesses have a handful of chemicals that they don’t even know the uses for. People think that there needs to be one chemical for each different job. This causes unnecessary stress for management.  

That stops now. Betco’s FASTDRAW® chemical management systems consistently provide the correct dilution for cleaning staffs. These innovative, versatile and simple systems utilize a one size fit all FASTDRAW® bottle design that reduces inventory investment. When cleaning chemicals are not accurately diluted, it is like pouring money down the drain which can potentially endanger the cleaning staff as well as cause poor cleaning results.  

See how Betco FASTDRAW Chemical Management System and Bottles are the top of the line. Cleaner: BETCO Fast Draw


  • The FASTDRAW® bottle design serves all Betco chemical management systems – Reduces inventory 
  • Metering inserts are in each FASTDRAW® bottle – Built-in metering inserts constantly maintains accurate dilution and eliminates maintenance.  
  • Compact wall-mounted design – Maximizes cleaning closet space. 


  • The FASTDRAW® bottle design fits all dispensing systems for simplifying training and use.  
  • FASTDRAW® bottles are color-coded and numbered for easy chemical selection and training. 
  • Intuitive icons eliminate guesswork for… • Filling spray bottles, mop buckets or automatic scrubbers. • Inserting and changing FASTDRAW® bottles 


  • Over 30 different cleaning products to meet a wide range of facility cleaning needs. 
  •  Single or multiple product dispensing units to precisely match your cleaning requirements. 
  • Dispensers available in wall mounted or portable options for dilution control wherever it’s needed. 

Cost Effective 

The Betco FASTDRAW® chemical management systems reduce cleaning costs by up to 30% by accurately diluting the correct amount of chemical while filling spray bottles, mop buckets or automatic scrubbers versus the pouring method 

City Uniforms and Linen 

Let us help you take the unnecessary stress away from your job!   

Your company’s image sets the tone for your customer’s experience. City Uniforms and Linen provides Betco FASTDRAW for direct sale or full-service programs. We take your stress away by tracking your inventory for you! All you need to do is tell us what inventory levels you would like to have and we will make sure that happens on a weekly basis. 

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