Celebrating 75 Years! Part 1

In case any of you have missed the recent celebration, here is the recap…

Part 1

Back in the year of 1944, two things occurred on June 6th. One being D-Day, the other being the start of a different legacy. It was the day Carl and Edith Kramer opened the doors to City Laundry. Prior to the invention of the home washer and dryer, people relied on companies like City Laundry to do all the washing for them. As times changed and inventions developed, so did the services provided by City Laundry. What once started as a personal laundry service turned into a dry cleaning, commercial laundry, mat rental provider.

As the business grew, the need to find more space to work became imminent. In 1982, City Dry Cleaning expanded into the 10,000 square foot adjoining property. This is the same property City Dry Cleaning sits on today. Things were moving in the right direction, the future was looking oh so bright!

Stay tuned for Part 2…

Original building (tiny one far left) on East Main Cross.
Carl Kramer, Founder.