Celebrating 75 Years! Part 2

In case any of you have missed the recent celebration, here is the recap…

1944 – City Laundry opens for business

1950 – Family business transitions from home laundry to dry cleaning

1977 – City Dry Cleaning began contract to pre-wash Levi jeans

1982 – Company expanded into 10,000 sq. ft. adjoining property

Part 2

During the year of 1986, City Dry Cleaning transitioned into its second generation of owners. Paul and Pam Kramer bought out the company’s stock. They had big plans for the company. The resources of City Dry Cleaning were utilized to help kickstart Paul’s idea for Coats for Christmas. The first Bowe Passat, a tunnel washer, was purchased from Germany to increase efficiency. Paul was just as forward thinking as his father. He was actively involved with the community being awarded Entrepreneur of the Year and getting ready to begin serving as President of Rotary. The times were rolling.

Then on July 2, 1994 Paul watched as his business burnt to the ground. How could this happen?! However, he did not skip a beat. With the help of the surrounding community, City Dry Cleaning never missed a day of business. They rented a building in Downtown Findlay to do business out of in the meantime. But at this point a decision had to be made.

Paul and Pam Kramer purchase company stock.