Celebrating 75 Years! Part 3

In case any of you have missed the recent celebration, here is the recap…

1944 – City Laundry opens for business

1950 – Family business transitions from home laundry to dry cleaning

1977 – City Dry Cleaning began contract to pre-wash Levi jeans

1982 – Company expanded into 10,000 sq. ft. adjoining property

1986 – Paul and Pam Kramer bought the company stock

1987 – Coats For Christmas had its first collection and redistribution

1994 – City burnt to the ground

Part 3

To rebuild or not to rebuild? That was the question. Paul could walk away from the fire with enough money from insurance to live a comfortable life, or he could attempt to reinvest in the company to bring it back to what it was. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, City Dry Cleaning was rebuilt.

The rebuild project created opportunity for growth. Thus, came the inception of the Westfield Drive location. Now, the rental business could grow in its own warehouse. Fast forward to 2007 when half of Findlay was swimming in the flood. This slight puddle had Kramer Enterprises headquarters under 4 ft of water. Like many other predicaments City has had to endure, this fueled a decision to made. It was always in the pipeline to build a second half to the Westfield Drive location; the flood just fast tracked this plan. Therefore, the offices moved to the other side of Findlay.