Mean Lean 5S Machine

Shine is an important step in 5SWhat is 5S?

5S is a systematic approach to workplace organization.

5S stands for Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.

Each “pillar” has its own agenda.

  1. Sort through each stations materials to find out the tools essential for the job. Get rid of the stagnant objects.
  2. Set In Order ensures all tools are organized with an assigned spot. This is where shadow boards come in. Each tool has a clearly labeled spot that is easily accessible to all employees at that station.
  3. Make the work station shine. Each station should show pride in their area with routine cleaning.
  4. Standardize the organization and processes by creating rules on how and when things will get done.
  5. Sustain the practices of maintaining organization and smooth processes. Audits can be performed to check work and give feedback.

Why is City implementing this?

Our goal is to improve efficiency and create a safer work environment. This system helps combat chaos and unproductivity. With these improvements we should notice a positive side effect of higher employee satisfaction.

To date, we recorded our highest PPOH (pounds per operator hour). Way to go City! Stay tuned for updates on our progress.