Slips, Trips, & Falls

Water is great. It’s one of the essential things we humans need to survive. However, water can also be our enemy. I know you’ve heard the saying “slippery when wet”, so how do we combat water that has gone rogue?


There are 4 reasons to say yes to matting:

  • Safety
  • Protection
  • Appearance
  • Savings

Mats enhance safety by keeping floors clean and dry. The National Floor Safety Institute provides education and research to help prevent slip & fall incidents from occurring. By remaining compliant to their standards, companies will find a reduction in claims of negligence and can prove their pursuit of due uniforms and linen mat in office lobby

*Fun Fact: Our vendor, M+A Matting, is certified “High Traction” with NFSI.*

Not only are mats placed to keep people safe, but they also protect your floors. Overtime floors reveal their wear and tear. Mats protect them from stripping and soil accumulation.

Mats allow your company to look good while keeping employees safe and floors clean. A dust control program is the perfect way to create a clean, uniform look or even get a company’s logo seen. Extend the brand.

90% of building maintenance cost comes from labor. With mats, there is less cleaning, stripping, and waxing involved. Get all the perks of mats and save money! That’s it, where do I sign?

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