National Burn Awareness Week

National Burn Awareness Week

While it’s important to raise awareness and prevent fires this week for National Burn Awareness Week, we should be encouraging and educating our employees and peers on safety every week.

According to the American Burn Association, every year over 450,000 serious burn injuries occur in the United States that require medical treatment. That’s 1 burn injury per minute!

What can you do as an employer to prevent this? Educate and Protect! We know the saying “knowledge is power”. Providing your employees with the knowledge to stay out of harms way will ultimately decrease the number of incidents in your workplace. On top of education, you should be providing the proper PPE to employees embarking on dangerous tasks or even normal chores that can go sideways.

FR Uniforms FR Uniform

Is your company at risk for an arc flash or flash fire? FR is flame resistant clothing designed to help protect employees from flash fires. The fabric used to make FR can withstand ignition and/or rapidly self-extinguish. This clothing is a layer of protection to limit, not eliminate, injuries. There are specific care and wear guidelines for each garment to maintain its FR properties. Are you able to ensure your employee is caring for their PPE properly? It may be easier to leave the cleaning and care to the experts. That’s where City comes in to save the day.

City Uniforms and Linen partners with Bulwark for all of our FR garments. Bulwark has the largest selection of FR inventory, each garment is completely traceable, and they have leading FR educators. They provide training to our employees to make sure we stay in the know on PPE. Simplify safety with City!

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