We Offer PPE to Keep You Safe!

Gowns, masks and gloves… oh my! Now more than ever, PPE has become a common topic of conversation. It seems to be that before COVID-19, there weren’t many places and industries that needed to worry about PPE. Well now, EVERYONE does. Whether it’s just wearing masks around the office or protective gowns in healthcare settings, we’ve got you covered!ISO Gown

City Uniforms and Linen offers both reusable Biosmart masks and reusable isolation gowns. The Biosmart masks are unique because they become antimicrobial when washed with chlorine bleach! This means that they will kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs. This added layer of defense against viruses will certainly keep your mind at ease. These masks are durable for up to 75 washes and are very breathable. The isolation gowns are also durable up to 75 washes and come in blue and yellow. This product is generously sized for full coverage and features knit cuffs. These are perfect for full body coverage in healthcare settings! In addition to these products, we offer disposable masks, vinyl gloves and microfiber towels. All three of these products can help aid in defense from COVID-19.

Whatever PPE option you need, City Uniforms and Linen offers the best quality and service. For more information about any of these items, call us at 419-422-7924 or email us at Sales@CityUL.com. Let us help you stay healthy!

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