We Love Our Community: United Way Campaign

Every year City Uniforms and Linen and City Dry Cleaning take part in a multitude of events to give back to our community. One of those events being the United Way Campaign.

United Way of Hancock County is an organization committed to the betterment of our community. They take a look at Hancock County and define the problems needing resolved and propose ideal solutions. In our community alone, United Way improves people’s lives, makes prescription medicine more affordable, provides much needed information and resources, promotes voluntary action, and fights for financial stability.

Employees enjoying catering at United Way Fundraiser

Some of the programs supported by United Way include:

  • American Red Cross
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • CPS Cancer Patient Services
  • The Center for Safe & Healthy Children
  • Challenged Champions Equestrian Center
  • Girl Scouts
  • FamilyWize
  • Findlay Family YMCA
  • 2-1-1
  • And many more!

We decide to participate in the United Way Campaign for many reasons, one being the fact that 99% of the money donated stays within Hancock County. There is no better reward than being able to see and feel the impact you have on your own community.

Each year we continue to be pleasantly surprised by the generosity of our associates and their willingness to give. This year in our short two week campaign our company pulled together over $10,500 to go back towards the friends and families of this awesome community. We look forward to what we can bring next year.

United we fight. United we win!

To learn more about The United Way of Hancock County, click here.


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