The Power of Our Technology

Goodbye Paper

We consider ourselves at the forefront of technology as it relates to customer billing, inventory management and customer service.  We will be educating our customers in a three-part series in our blog over the next few months.  In this article we are going to feature our MOBILE technology and how it relates to our customers.

City Uniforms & Linen (CUL) uses an ERP system specific to our industry. CUL delivers and manages our customers’ invoices more effectively and efficiently. Our Customer Service Route Representatives are armed with mobile technology; with the tools to succeed by servicing our customers instead of wasting time making manual adjustments, calculations, and producing unmanageable paper trails. Our system simplifies our Route Reps daily activities of route service and route settlement. In addition, our mobile technology will capture and store the customer’s signature at the point of delivery. With the real-time invoicing feature, the signed invoice can be emailed to the customer within seconds of being signed. The signed invoice can also be reproduced (emailed, printed, faxed) at a later date for the customer.

“Our handheld systems have proved to be a real hit with the service staff and especially our customers. We run leaner and faster while upgrading the service level to our customers.”

-Rich Kramer, VP of City Uniforms & Linen

Features & Benefits:

Paper Savings

  • Eliminate Forms –

Route Savings

  • Quicker Adjustments – Simplify deliveries by making the adjustment process quick and accurate.
  • Improve Relationships – Our Customer Service Route Representatives focus on the customer – not on complex adjustments.

Cut Check-In Time Dramatically

  • Eliminate Manual Check in – When our Customer Service Route Representatives returns, the route is already in balance and ready for a supervisor to review. Then all adjustments automatically post and summary reports print.
  • Audit Adjustments – Adjusted invoices are summarized for review and approval. A stop time report lists the order in which the route was delivered and the exact time the customer signed for delivery.

Front Office Savings

  • Time Savings – Since invoices have been adjusted on the handheld, adjustments no longer have to be re-entered in the office. Since signed invoice copies are now stored digitally, invoice filing and retrieval duties are now eliminated.

Customer Satisfaction and Customer Service Improvements

  • Fax and Email – Signed invoices can be faxed and/or emailed on demand or in real-time to our customers. Send customers a copy of their invoice while on the phone with them or have the system send it automatically as soon as the invoice is signed on the route.
  • Greater Confidence – Customers have confidence in the accuracy of their invoice, while maintaining a history of customer problems and resolutions.

City Uniforms & Linen is always looking for ways to simplify sometimes a very complex service for our customers. Next month we will cover inventory management, product scanning and related reporting.


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