We’re Investing in the Present…for the Future!

Behind the Scenes

At City Uniforms and Linen, our operation behind the scenes might be unknown to the general public or those who utilize our services. Most consumers understand that utilizing our uniform program or linen service will guarantee a clean and fresh output every single time, but maybe they don’t know the process. The equipment we use is not cheap. It’s heavy machinery that requires a complicated explanation on how your uniforms and linens turn out perfect almost every time you use our services. So the better equipment we have, the more efficient and better results we produce!  

Investing in the Future

Investing in our machinery is what sets us up for success continually and makes us more environmentally friendly! Recently, we have undergone a $700k capital investment throughout our production area to bolster our equipment and increase our productive efficiency. The process is complicated. But the new equipment will bring in city water at 55°F, fuse hot waste water to heat the clean water to at least 140°F and effectively clean the product. Better put, the system allows us to re-utilize BTU’s, which reduces our demand for natural gas making it more environmentally friendly. Ultimately, this equipment complements our fantastic and talented staff by allowing them to produce at a higher level. Investing in the best equipment doesn’t mean anything unless we invest in our exceptional employees that make everything happen, so for that we are thankful for having the opportunity to do both!

How we’re Doing

So far, our investments have completely exceeded our expectations of the services we can provide and the uniforms and linen we can produce. Serving Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Detroit, Fort Wayne, and of course the Findlay and surrounding areas, we look to remain efficient and save time and resources, providing world-class service and production. To learn more about City Uniforms and Linen, visit http://cityuniformsandlinen.com/about/.