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Here at City Uniforms and Linen, we like to stay on the leading edge of technology and well-informed on products. Part of this responsibility is constantly searching for the best products on the market to offer our customers. One product that City has been pushing for a while now is microfiber.

Microfiber is the combination of polyester and nylon. The star shape of the microfiber material is what enables it to have the best absorption. The material has increased surface area which allows it to trap and hold more dirt and bacteria than your average cleaning product. When using microfiber for dry cleaning, the fibers get rubbed against each other creating a static electric charge. This charge quite literally attracts the dust particles, which get trapped within the open spaces. To keep the microfiber working effectively, they should be washed separately from other linens. This prevents lint from getting caught in the microfiber. Microfiber is sensitive to certain chemicals, wash processes and heat, therefore it is crucial to allow experts to handle the laundering process.

Microfiber has so many advantages in comparison to other cleaning materials that it puts itself in a class of its own. Some of these advantages include the elimination of cross contamination, removes more bacteria, reduces chemical costs, decreases environmental impact, easier to use, more absorbent, attracts and traps 99% of dust, no lint residue, longer wash lifecycle, etc.

So, why turn to microfiber? Because it is the best, most effective cleaning product for your staff and facilities. For more information about the cost saving benefits of microfiber, click here.

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