ILUD international linen and uniform day

Help us Celebrate International Linen & Uniform Service Day!

Ellis washer celebrating International Linen and Uniform Day
Our Ellis Washer Cosplaying as its hero, Thor the first Electric Powered Washing Machine! Thor walked so Ellis could RUN!

August 9th is International Linen and Uniform Service Day. Never heard of it? It’s the day where we celebrate the industry that does so much for us!

A History:

August 9th, 1910 was a day that changed history, the day that Thor, the first electric powered washing machine was patented. This revolutionized the laundry industry, opening the door for commercialized linen and uniform businesses. Now, we have an industry that is a powerhouse. Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, and many other industries rely on uniform and linen services. Imagine a hotel without bedding, or towels. Restaurants  without napkins, or protective chef clothing. Doctors without proper PPE. Uniform and linen services keeps these industries running and supporting their customers.

Now in 2022 there’s a huge uniform and linen industry supporting their customers. Here at City we process over 20,000 pounds of textiles per operating hour to get our customers the products they need. So they can do what they do best, managing their business and supporting their customers.

How to Celebrate the Holiday:

International Linen and Uniform Day is an opportunity to celebrate the industry that doesn’t get enough recognition. Below are some ways you can help us celebrate ILUD.

  • Thank your service provider
  • Post Images of your service and delivery drivers
  • Support businesses that support the uniform and linen industry (Hotels, Mechanics, Medical Centers, Restaurants)
  • Start a conversation about how clean uniforms or linens impacted your business

We want to hear from you! Let us know how City has helped your company in the comments, or leave us a review on google. We love this industry and love delivering YOUR professional image. And we’re so excited to continue doing what we love.

And if you want to learn more about ILUD and the people who created the holiday show Infinite Laundry and the TRSA some support.

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