City’s Quick Cleaning Tips

There’s no more important time to keep things clean than the present. Between preventing illness and being at home more than usual, it’s important to keep our spaces clean and organized. And for businesses, it’s equally important to keep common areas clean. No one wants their employees or customers getting sick!

So what and how should we be cleaning to keep loved ones, employees, or customers safe?\


1. Disinfect surfaces such as tabletops, countertops and other commonly touched surfaces.
2. Don’t forget door handles and light switches!
3. Phones and keyboards are super important.
4. Last but not least, make sure to get bathrooms as well.

All of the items on this list should be cleaned routinely. More frequent cleaning may be necessary for more frequently used surfaces and areas. Implementing a cleaning schedule in your home or facility is beneficial to making sure everything is taken care of.

Betco sanitizer cleaner

Using products that are proven to kill germs is pertinent to keeping surfaces safe to touch for your kids, employees, or whomever you’re trying to protect from illness. Fortunately, City has two great products to help- Dual Use Hand Sanitizer and FightBac. Our liquid formula hand sanitizer works well in spray bottles to quickly spray and wipe down surfaces. And since it’s hand sanitizer, it’s perfect to leave in the conference room for employees to spray their hands and the surfaces they touched as they leave the room. FightBac is a spray formula that is proven to kill Coronavirus, as well as other viruses, and it’s as simple as spraying on the surface, waiting two minutes, and wiping it down. For more information or to purchase either of these products, call 419-422-7924 or email us at

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