Through the Eyes of a City Intern: Part 2

It can’t be true that my time as the marketing intern for City is over halfway done! It feels like just last week that I was working at the business reopening tent sale with Sidney. But somehow, that was all the way back in May. You know what they say though, time flies when you’re having fun. I can attest to that statement, because I have certainly had a lot of fun.

More importantly than having fun though, I’ve learned so much. Sidney is a great teacher! We’ve covered things from email marketing to designing pieces in Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop to even making video ads (if you haven’t watched the soap ad with Eric, you should probably pause and go do that right now – I’ve linked it here Doing these things and more at City have opened my eyes to aspects of working in marketing that I didn’t even know existed. It has also given me great insight on what I would like to focus on in my budding marketing career.

Not only have I learned marketing skills while at City, but I think another valuable thing I’ve learned is how to work in an office environment. For most interns, it’s our first experience working in a professional setting, so I’m really grateful that I’m surrounded by great examples of hardworking, focused people who also enjoy a little fun!

I feel so lucky to have my first professional work experience at City. It’s hard to believe (and sad) that it’s over halfway done, but I am still equally as eager as I was in the beginning to keep absorbing and learning everything Sidney, Eric, Rich and everyone else here has to offer.