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Your HACCP Uniform Safety Guide

At City, we understand the importance of food safety and hygiene for our customers in the food processing industry. One crucial aspect of ensuring food safety is implementing a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan. In this blog post, we will explain what HACCP is and how it applies to food processing processes.

What is HACCP?

HACCP is a food safety management system that is recognized worldwide. It is a preventive approach to food safety that identifies and controls potential hazards in food production processes. HACCP is based on seven principles that provide a systematic approach to identifying and controlling hazards. These principles are:

  1. Conduct a hazard analysis
  2. Determine critical control points (CCPs)
  3. Establish critical limits
  4. Implement monitoring procedures
  5. Establish corrective actions
  6. Implement verification procedures
  7. Establish record-keeping and documentation procedures

How does HACCP apply to your uniform rentals?

At City, we understand the importance of HACCP compliance in the food processing industry. Our uniforms are designed to be comfortable, durable, and safe, ensuring that they don’t pose any risk of contamination to the food product. We follow strict laundering procedures that comply with HACCP standards, using specialized detergents and disinfectants approved for use in the food processing industry.

Also, our laundering process involves multiple steps to ensure that the uniforms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, as shown in our HACCP compliant laundering process flow chart. By working with us, you can actively ensure the safety and quality of your food product.

haccp food safety


All in all, implementing a HACCP plan is crucial to ensure food safety in the food processing industry. By working with a uniform rental company that provides HACCP-compliant uniforms and laundering services like City, you can rest assured that you are meeting the highest standards of hygiene and safety. If you have any questions about our HACCP-compliant uniforms and services, please feel free to contact us.

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