Floor Mats for Autumn Leaves

Floor Mats for Autumn Leaves

It’s that time of year again! The leaves are changing, and FALLING! Every time that door opens more leaves are dragged into your beautiful clean facility.¬† Did you know that there’s away to stop those leaves and other dirt and grime with the use of floor mats! Floor mats stop the dirt at the door. They work just as well as air purifiers in trapping dirt and pollution so they are a must.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about our floor mat offerings.

Floor Mat Infographic

Floor mats infographic

Mats help you save money and keep your facility clean. If you’re ready to take on a mat rental program to prevent slips and falls while keeping your employees comfortable and facilities polished request a quote.



  • Reduce cleaning time
    • floor mats trap 85% of dirt and reduce cleaning time by 39%
  • Save money
    • $1 spent in keeping soil outside saves $10 in removing soil inside
  • Prevent injury
    • Prevent slips trips and falls with floor mats by removing workplace hazards
  • Increase productivity
    • Increase productivity 20-50% using a comfort flow mat where workers spend a lot of time

Types of Floor mats

  • Classic Walk off Mats
    • Trap dirt and moisture, great for in front of doors
  • Classic Logo Mats
    • Statement piece with your company logo. Customize colors and artwork. Work just as well at trapping dirt as the walk off mat.
  • Scraper Mats
    • Scrape away grime on shoes.
  • Comfort Flow Mats
    • Certified “Slip Resistant” and is cushioned to be anti-fatigue. Keep workers comfortable with this squishy safe mat.
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