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How are Uniform Rental Programs Environmentally Friendly? 

Uniform Rental Programs can have many benefits for your business. They can save you time, boost employee morale and company image. But did you know that they are also environmentally friendly?  Keep reading to see how you can do your part to save the planet with a uniform rental program. 



If you think about it, Uniform Rental Programs are environmentally friendly! Instead, of purchasing large amounts of clothes for employees, you purchase only what your company needs. All uniforms are picked up based on the delivery schedule and washed together as a single load, which ensures efficiency and saves energy.

Efficient Machinery:

The workhouse of our processing facility is designed to produce up to 4,500 pounds of clean textiles per hour. Its contra-flow system uses 1.6 gallons of water per pound of laundry, while bigger companies in industrial laundry use 4 gallons of water per pound of laundry. Using a uniform rental program saves you and your employees from excess energy usage. And choosing an efficient program like ours helps the planet.  

Other Sustainability Practices:

Another way we’re conserving energy is by operating our plant on a 4 day work week. This saves excess startup energy from the machines and streamlines our processes. We also optimize all our routes to save time and idle energy. But, this list does not include all we do at City, and we’re always looking at more ways to make our business practices more sustainable.

Uniform rental programs help you get back to managing your business and can help the environment along the way. Save time and money by making the switch!

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We are a local Ohio family business funded in 1944 that will work with you to create a flexible program around your specific goals and budget. We work with many industries like automotive, manufacturing, healthcare and hospitality. Check out our microfiber products, mat rental programs, safety uniforms (with flame resistant FR) and more!  

We are delivering custom uniform rental and facility service programs to enhance your company image! Call us at 419-422-7924 or request a quote!

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