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The Right Simple Innovative Solutions for YOU:

Having a cleaning system that works for you will save you time and money. The FastDraw Chemical Management Dispenser is the simple innovative solution to having a clean facility.  It serves any industry, including, manufacturing, food service, hospitals and many others. And provides a universal solution to saving space and reducing inventory costs.

FastDraw® Chemical Dispenser:

Check out the infographic below to learn more about the chemical dispenser and how it’ll help you reach your cleaning goals.

Fastdraw chemical infographic

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So stop wasting money and start saving with the FastDraw® Chemical Dispenser.

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Benefits of FastDraw® Chemical Dispenser

  • Reduce cleaning costs by 30% by accurately diluting the correct amount of chemicals
    • Concentrated chemicals / not paying for Ready to Use (RTU)
    • One bottle of concentrate can be used to fill up to 544 Ready to Use Bottles
  • Reduces inventory investment
  • Also, easy to use

FastDraw® Pro:

4 Part chemical dispenser that holds for chemicals for easy transitions.

  • Simple One-Handed bottle fill – Lift-N-Fill
  • Durable construction handles the toughest environments
  • Three Point Locking doors to prevent tampering or theft
  • Space Saving Design
    • Mounts on a flat wall or corner
    • Less Chemical Storage
  • Bottle or Bucket Fill from each Bay

FastDraw® Dispenser 1:

Single Dispenser that features quick and easy interchangeable chemical options

  • Installs in Minutes
  • Instantly Primes with Quick and Easy Chemical Changes
  • Large Window for Chemical Number and Color Identification
  • Strong Durable Construction to withstand Daily Use
  • Integrated Anti-Siphon Device

Popular Chemicals Options:

The most popular chemical cleaners we use in our FastDraw system are Glass Cleaner, pH7 Ultra Floor Cleaner, AF79 Bathroom Cleaner, Citrus Chisel Cleaner Degreaser, and Sanibet Sanitizer. There are over 30 options available to meet all your needs.