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Why You Should Join a Uniform Program

Why You Should Join a Uniform Program

Did you know that garments have a life expectancy? Even floor mats. Although they have a life expectancy does not mean they can’t last longer thane expected or break down sooner than expected. Shirts typically last 2-3 years if treated properly and pants usually last 4 years. Before even agreeing to join our uniform rental program you are told the life expectancy of all garments and they are continuously checked on for wear and tear to assure that your employees are safe and protected. There is nothing worse than feeling stuck under a contract with a company that doesn’t fit with your company. Finding the right company to work with takes a lot of research, while initial searches may lead you to large service providers. It’s often the more localized uniform companies like city that are willing to fit our programs to your business’ unique needs.

City has a system to keep track of each garment. We add a barcode to everything labeling the product identification, the wearer, route #, issue date, delivery date, wearer #, account #, and the size of the garment. We have a policy set in place on how to handle replacements and upgrades based on the age of the product. This also helps us manage our inventory and make sure that our customers receive every garment that they have us wash, to be able to validate where everything is.

Joining a Uniform rental program is a great business strategy to develop because it saves you money, time and extra work.

For more information about our uniform rental program click here.

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