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We Appreciate YOU.

We Appreciate YOU.

The seasons may change, but the loyalty from our customers don’t. At City Uniforms and Linen, we pride ourselves with our service to our customers, but more than anything we appreciate the continual commitment we get from them. We realize there is fierce competition out there, but here are a few reasons you should stick with us:

We offer a crisp, clean table linen service. We know that appearance and quality is everything. Our service department takes the time to inspect and update the products on a consistent basis to assure that all our customers are satisfied with their products. To get the best outcome, we only use the best materials. All our table linens and napkins are made of 100% spun polyester. Not only do we offer high quality, we also provide high quantity of color options for each item.
Clean it up with our dust and wet mops! Keeping the floors clean can be a messy job, but with our microfiber dust mops your facility can be kept spotless. This service is beneficial because we pick the mop heads on regular basis and replace them with clean and sanitized mop heads. This eliminates the burden of you having to manage your own inventory because we take care of it for you!
Look slick in our aprons. City Uniforms and Linen offer aprons and towels made of a microfiber material. We service all different types of businesses. Restaurants? YUP. Hospitals? ABSOLUTELY. We offer eight different styles of towel and five styles of aprons meeting all your business needs.
Take down the flames with our FR apparel. We see safety as an important aspect of all business operations so we are committed to providing compliant uniforms for our customers. We offer shirts, pants, bibs and coveralls, outerwear and coverings, safety vests, accessories, 40 CAL suits, fleece, balaclavas and women’s shirts. You name it, we have it!
MATS MATS MATS! We have it all; logo mats, the classic mat, super scrape and comfort flow. We offer a full-service floor mat rental program. This means we personally come and exchange the old with the new. Aside from our rental program, we also allow our customers to purchase the mats directly.

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City Uniforms & Linen services a 160 mile radius of Findlay, Ohio and is in Columbus, Ohio; Dayton, Ohio; Cincinnati, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio on a daily/weekly basis.  Products and Services: Uniform Rental, Safety Apparel, Mats, Dust and Wet Mops, Soaps, Janitorial Supplies, Linen Services, Paper Products, Towels and Aprons.

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